March 22, 2017

MIMIX (MIcrobiome MIXed model) is a Bayesian hierarchical model for the analysis of high-throughput sequencing abundance data from designed experiments. It achieves four scientific objectives:

  1. Global tests of whether experimental treatments affect microbiome composition,
  2. Local tests for treatment effects on individual taxa and estimation of theses effects if present,
  3. Quantification of how different sources of variability contribute to microbiome heterogeneity, and
  4. Characterization of latent structure in the microbiome (pictured below), which may suggest ecological subcommunities.

correlation matrix of microbes

Grantham, NS, Reich, BJ, Borer, ET, Gross, K. MIMIX: a Bayesian Mixed-Effects Model for Microbiome Data from Designed Experiments. In review. Code available at github.com/nsgrantham/mimix