Hi there, my name is Neal Grantham. I'm a data scientist based in San Francisco.

I build data products for teams of business folks and non-technical researchers. My work spans the full data stack, from data engineering to statistical modeling to data visualization. I love programming — I use Python, R, SQL, whatever the right tool for the job. I'm a huge fan of ggplot2 for data visualization, and I'm fairly new to JavaScript but I've learned enough to be dangerous (I built this website!).

Before joining the tech world, I earned a PhD in Statistics from NC State. My research with Brian Reich focused on developing Bayesian models for high-dimensional spatial data. As a graduate student, I also interned at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia where I wrote software to monitor pilot performance during critical flight scenarios, and consulted with the US EPA in Research Triangle Park on visualizing climate model forecasts.

When I'm away from my computer, I'm usually running, hiking, tending to my growing collection of house plants, or discovering new music — lately I've been into Japanese city pop, Italo disco, shoegaze, and anything with a healthy dose of synth. Music suggestions are always welcome!

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